Fresh Start

In the past 2 years, a lot has been going on in and around my photography, causing this blog to fall down on the list of priorities. I have been constantly pushing my craft, keeping in touch with publications and clients, traveling, creating portfolios and staying on top of post-production... I mean, falling miserably behind leaving me with a timeline of having to finish 2 images a day for the next 80 days... A success I am proud of launching is an all new website -


However, having made new contacts, gained new skills and knowledge has helped me come to a place in my photography where I can work and make a meagre amount of money. With all this slow but definite progress, a lack of time and energy to upkeep the task of blogging has become the reality. This year, I hope to change that. No more excuses, no more photos burying themselves onto my hard drive never to be seen again.

Here you will find snippets of the above mentioned tasks, see what I produce and perhaps some sneak peeks into how I do it. Shoots that have gone wrong, tricks that have ended sourly... and anything that happens in and around my craft. From skateboarding, to travel, to fashion shoots and editorial projects this blog will serve as a platform to show what I'm doing, where I am doing it and how those experiences have played out. Hold onto your bookmark, new content and more frequent publishing will be taking place in the New Year. For now, happy holidays and see you in 2014! - Josh Hotz

Sam Lind, Backside Air, Groton Skatepark, Connecticut 2013