Gallery Hopping

The night of Friday January 24th was a busy one for local photographers, and enthusiasts. Zachary Pantalone, Jessika Brunet, and California transplant Jody Morris all had show openings from 6-10pm. I tried to take it easy on the schm-(b)oozing so I could hop around to all the shows. 

Zachary hosted his first solo exhibition at the RedWall Gallery with his massive still life photos, inspired by American Mark Rothko’s transitional “multiform” or colour field paintings. 

Jessika Brunet displayed a selection of silver gelatin portraits at La Petit Mort Gallery. These dark, sombre bare prints are a product of Jessika's thought and process in her craft. An excerpt from her Artist Statement; "It is a photographic sketch, not a mirror, just my own eye and the frustration, pulling, tearing, acrobatics of my medium and the subsequent peace that comes of it." read it it its entirety here.

Saving the opening with the most photos, free Beau's brews and food for last I ended up at 5cents Tattoo/Grey Area Galelry for Jody Morris' 20plus book launch/photo show. With 30-odd framed photos, showcasing his adventures shooting some of the heavy-hitters in skating today. If you want to see what skateboarding was like in the early 90's, and where it is now, pick up a copy of his book from