April 1st.

This morning I got a call from Sam Lind, he told me Mitch Barette was coming to get me in ten minutes. I scrambled to get all my gear together and off I went, the day of skating started at 11:30AM. We went to a little concrete ledge and joined up with Matt Canadien behind a mall for warmups. After that we met up with another crew of skaters that consisted of Gio, Eric, Rob and some other homies. We headed to courthouse 10 stair to shoot Matt Canadien doing a nollie flip. Unfortunately security was not on our side and got kicked out after 5 tries. We headed to a super narrow four flat three double set where Canadien tried to cop a heel flip. Catching it perfectly everytime, just waiting for that perfect level flip to set ‘er down but it wasn’t in time, got the boot again. We decided to go give the nollie flip another shot, didn’t even get to jump down it. Needless to say the security wasn’t happy to see us there again. We went to shoot Sam Lind’s ender (so far, sorry no leaks!). After that me met up with some of the lew cru at a bank. We ghetto rigged a pole jam on the bank and seabed there for an hour or so kicked it with the homies and a dew brews, had a good time. When that sesh came to an end we chilled for a bit, and grabbed some dinner at pizza shark. After we ate we went to nkrtel handrail, Eric got a caveman bkardslide before security came out. Some smooth wordsmithing by Eric and Bacon bought us 15 minutes. Not enough time for Sam and Caro to land their tricks. After that we went to a down manny pad in kanata, Canadian and bacon copped some clips. We locked keys in a car an broke into it with a screwdriver and a twig. No CAA necessary. After we for the keys out anderson got a crook fakieon a bump to ledge against a wall. It’s 2:20am on April 2nd right now.. Time to call it a night after a 15 hour day of skating/shooting. Expect a juiiiiiccyyyy update in the near future, peaace!