At the end, its throwaway.

First spot we went to was the LD banks. Sam Lind already 5-0ed off the end and wanted to step it up a bit. Unfortunately speed and stamina were an issue so were gonna go back.

Mitch sweeps up the landing.

Next spot, the Canadian Tire double set. Mitch tre flipped this last year and wanted to shoot another photo on it. It’s a bust during the day so we aways hit this up late into the night. A cop spotted us, turned around to see what was up. Usually we would be told to pack it in, but this cop was actually chill and lets us keep skating. Foot pain stopped Mitch form stomping a good one, so this is a ntoher spot were gonna have to go back to.

Next spot was in the middle of nowhere, St. Joe’s in Barrhaven. Mitch got a kickflip back tail but upon looking at the footage and realising how small the ledge actually was he decided he wasn’t going to use it for anything.

Caro slept through the whole session.