Catching up.

I’ve been off my blog grind lately, bee busy getting ready for, and going to school. I have started my 2-year photography program at SPAO, a pure film based program using only Medium Format and Large Format cameras. We are being taught self developing techniques, and analog printing techniques. 

As for skateboarding, I have still had time to get out and shoot since school hasn’t really picked up yet. Here are some photos since the last time you heard from me.

Also please note the new format of my blog posts, you can click all the photos to see them large. (if any don’t work it’s because facebook is hosting them)

Sam Lind // Frontside dumpster ride.

We had to move this heavy ass dumspter further away from the wall and curb so I would have room to shoot it. Security showed up and we told them what were doing, they were down until they saw Sam gap onto the bin and ride along it. AS they were freaking out, calling the cops Sam gav’er and got the clip, and the shot. 

Sam Lind // Wallie // Winchester Dairy Fest ~August 7th

Top of the World did a demo at the skatepark in Winchester, Sam boosted this wallie of the deck fence.

Sam Lind // Front Board

TJ Rogers // Front Board // Kingston, ON

I left these out from my Kingston post.

WIll Marshall // FS shuv fakie

Andrew Szeto // Frontside Air

Matt Patafie // Wallie into the bank

Matt Patafie // Front 5-0 pop-out