Sept 29. 

Phil Lavoie, Bob LaSalle, and Js Lapierre from the Dimestore crew came down from Montreal last Wednesday to skate. Bob works for Vans, and stopped in at Top Of the World to revamp their Vans shoe display, photos to come soon. We met up with Terry Worona,  and the boys from Dimestore at the newest barrier spot in Ottawa. 

Terry Worona gettin the shots.

JS Lapierre, “here’s one for the ladies”

Phil and JS.

After the barrier spot we hit up this flat bar over grass, it a really photogenic, especially at sundown,  spot in that parking lot of a nunnery. They don’t care if you skate it but everyone that walks by gives you extremely odd, confused looks as if they’ve never seen a skateboard before. 

Phil cures a panic attack by crushing 4 tall cans while filming.

After this spot we went our separate ways back home. We all met up later at Andrew Szetos condo (link) where the Dimestore crew was crashing for a few days. We watched Stay Gold, had a few beers then went to Babylon. 

The next day we went to a four flat three double stair that J-s wanted to skate. He copped his clip then we headed to Cantley to skate et natural rock quarter pipe in the quarry, but not before stopping at a deep for a few cases of beer. Soon after we got there we were joined by a bunch of other Ottawa homies, the crew of +10 quickly downed the beers, laid down some tricks and when the sun went down we scaled back down the rock and called it a day. 

Charlie Bowins

 Charlie Bowins

JS Lapierre

JS cools down

Vans off the Wall road.

Backside rollerskate grab

After the rock spot, we all went to get some Pho at a place recommended by Szeto. I had never tried it before and ordered the beef with beef brisket. More like animal fat and noodles.. hopefully I’ll have a better Pho experience another time.

Phil Lavoie demonstrates the proper way to order.

JS ended up staying at Szeto’s place for a few extra nights with the plan to skate a few more spots. Unfortunately car availability and weather weren’t on our side, so we didn’t get anything new done and JS hopped on a bus back to Montreal. 

You should check out his interview in the latest issue of SBC, here’s a little preview for those who don’t have it yet.