Florecast Magazine

"The magazine was founded  by Sam Roberts as a means to bring together some photographers he knew and respected in the skate world, who within a predominantly digital age, still  have a strong appreciation of analogue techniques.

Florecast was printed in a large format without the clutter of too much editorial or any adverts, to showcase the work in something tangible – rather than them simply being thrown up on a tumblr or blog.

The magazine (a limited run of 100) will be available from the exhibition, which will feature selected images from the issue. The long term aim of the project is a series of quarterly exhibitions and events, bringing together the contributors, and friends. 

Being a contributor in the first issue, I got my copy in the mail and was pleasantly surprised. The format of the mag is like a newspaper; folded without staples. Pages can be taken out and hung, or passed around in a tangible manner. Despite the paper being thin and off coloured, the printing was handled quite well. Colors look to be true, and sharpess is not an issue. Seeing the work of so many talented photographers from such a broad reach was both inspiring and rewarding. 

Featuring the work of Rich Gilligan (IRE), Josh Hotz (CA), Terry Worona (CA), Rich West (UK), Kyle Bunker (US), Dan Evans (US), Steven Bullen (UK), Sam Roberts (UK), Alex Burrell (UK), Matt Thomas (UK), Pontus Alv (SWE) Nicolas Lebeau (FRA) and Jerome Loughran (UK). 


For those who won’t be able to get a copy, here are some excerpts. 



L: Avi Luzia, Ollie Fakie, Tel Aviv, Israel, [o] Rich Gilligan

R: Austin Chartrand-Fyfe, Kickflip, Miami, Florida [o] Josh Hotz


L: Mitch Barrette, Back Blunt, Quebec, Canada [o] Josh Hotz

R: Jake Watt, Ollie, London, England [o] Matt Thomasimage

L: Joe Sandland, Backside Disaster, London, England [o] Steven Bulen

R: Evan Collison, Backside Noseblunt, Berkeley, California [o] Terry Worona


The homie Terry Worona came through with the centrefold!

Evan Collison, Wallride, San Francisco, California


L: Toby Shaw, Melon Grab, Cardiff, Wales [o] Sam Roberts

R: Sam Lind, Backside Lipslide, Groton, Connecticut [o] Josh Hotz


A panorama of the exhibition space by Michael Thomas.