The Exo boys are on tour and came through Ottawa, Alex Decelles, Alex Morin and some other dudes (sorry I forget your names!). I met up with them to shoot. We went to this kicker over barrier, where mall security was doing loops in the far parking lot the entire time we were there. Decelles was getting pulled by a car, and boosted this massive ollie. 

The genny sesh lasted till around 3am, and I was home in bed at 4:30am. Decelled was trying to get kickflip but the security at the mall were pansies and called the cops on us before he could land it.

The next day we went to the frequently seshed up two down three manny pad, I was shooting a sequence of Mitch, while the Exo guys were trying their own shit. Unfortunately, the cops came again.

Names were taken, but this will always be a spot for us to skate screw the cops. Theres no trouble lighting it up at night.

This was the crews last day in town before they split. The last spot of choice was the HC Halfpipe. Here’s a shot of the crew.

In the works of arranging a week long trip to Quebec City to shoot with Alex Decellesand the Exo crew.

And to finsih off the day more of gear was broken, obviously. Thanks to Alex Decelles shooting his board out from a blunt fakie. IT’s okay buddy, just gonna be an easy hot glue fix!