I met Mohawk on my trip to Quebec City in June. Early August I got a call from an unknown Quebec number, curious to see who it was I answered it. To my surprise it was Mohawk who told me he had moved to Gatineau to get out of the crazy party life that he was tied up in back home. A couple days later we met up to go skate, first spot was Elgin 6, which he skated in complete darkness with the only light coming from distant street lights. He tried to put down a proper pop shuv, but due to the lack of light and hard impact he decided to save himself for a big handrail. 

Mohawk; Pop Shuv

Yesterday, while making several phone calls with Mitch and Mohawk we planned to meet at Guertain 12 in Gatineau. But before I met him there, I went to finish some beef at the gnarly barrier spot. With no shortage of little gangsters getting in the way I think i got away with the shot. 

When we finshed up at the barrier spot, we met Mohawk at the 12 stair rail. Before the genny and lights were setup he jumped on a bunch of front boards, again in the close to complete darkness. Mohawk landed a back lip, and landed on another trick but got hurt before he could roll away. 

Matt Canadien helps Mitch out with a white balance.

Mohawk’s Back Lip