Will [Marshall] and I had been trying to plan this trip for a little while. After he got stuck in Chicago on his way to California, he gave me a call and said he could go to Kingston whenever. So I took a week off work, and met him and TJ Rogers in Cornwall. We went to a couple spots in Cornwall, clips were copped and we called it a night and crashed at Wills place. 

The next day we woke up and headed to Timmies. Just our luck it was a timmies with a big arcade next to it. We got some tokens and hit up some games. I forgot how dope Time Crisis II was. Finally it was time to get in the drivers seat, so I got in and drove us to Ktown. We met up with some locals at the park, Jamie, and Steve who was our guide. He called in sick to work to skate and show us around while we were in town, then we left to hit up some spots. We parked the car in a parking lot, and could get to 3 spots within a 2 minute skate, if that. First we hit up this nice small handrail,

Jordan narrowly missed TJ’s board on this one..

then over to a perfect no push ledge line spot that everyone was hyped on. *keep posted for some photog footy* Then we found a 12 stair handrail that had never been skated. We ended the night with some KFC, then got a room at the Kozy Inn.

Tj chillin.

The Kozy Kove. Which didn’t end up being too cozy, see drawer:

Day 2

On day two we woke up, rupa’d. And headed to the park for some warm-ups. Will got this feeble shuv


and Jordan got tech on his drilled out shredstick.

First we went to this cellar door bank in a random alley that Steve showed us. 

Steve, Kickflip Fakie

After that we went to one of the campus plazas that features ledges, a flat gap and option of 7 stair handrails or a 7 flat to street. Lines got copped, and I got a couple photos. 

Then we went on a small night filming mission, TJ got a line skating over a rail to bank. We then headed to The Beer Store with plans of mellowing out at the hotel with some brews to enjoy our last night in Kingston. 

The owner of this place was too loose, we walked into the office to check in, and the place smelled of weed. Later on the first night we went to the office to get some towels, and the dude was straight up chillin outside smoking a spliff.

We decided to leave him some goods that we found when we left;

Day 3 

Jordans camera took a couple gnarly hits yesterday, and when we got to the spot the camera wouldn’t let him set any colors or exposure, so we got in the car and went back to Cornwall.