Must Wine Bar Presents: Josh Hotz

I quickly learned that putting on a show is a ton of work, especially when I’m working a second job to pay for everything. Insta-blog posts were all I could get on here amidst many trips around the city picking up supplies, post producing new images at the last minute, trying to move my Straylight Zine and going on the yearly Trip To Hell tour. It was a hellish month of constant work, but all the shameless self promotion and work finally paid off on the night of the Vernissage. 

I am grateful for the help of Angelina McCormick, Talhia Mcneil, GPC Labworks, Ross Proulx who designed the poster, and Agent Signs. Of course I can’t leave out the long list of the friends this work is all about, rather than me taking up 20-odd lines of names you’re better off heading to Must Wine Bar @ 41 William St to see them in their entirety. 

A lot of people came, stayed, and left. This is a photo from earlier on in the night. The photos were split into two main rooms. “Time” for the action stills, and “Place” for the portraits. With around 32 pieces in total, you can find photos on almost every wall in the restaurant until November 4th which is the last day of the show. 

Andrew Carter, of Antidote Magazine flips through The Units - Regular and Limited Editions still available on 

All of the guys who were on the wall came through to see what was up. Jordan Wiens came by, and took all the photos in this post. 

One of approx. 32 photos showing is Sam Lind’s, Ollie, Cantley, QC. Inkjet print @ 54x44 inches for $500. 

All 20x20 inch framed pieces are still for sale @ $175! There’s still time to pop in to see the show. Debit and major Credit Cards are accepted. For more info, see the Facebook event.