Recap: Ottawa

I have been shooting a ridiculous amount these days, day in day out. I think I have 3 days worth of photos still sitting untouched on my memory card. 

I have been shooting a ton of sequences too, so many that my cameras shutter has begun to slow down and make weird noises. It doesn’t always seem to want to shoot at 8 frames per second, especially when I’m firing off thousands of frames at a single session. Time to take out the Hasselblad and shoot some stills eh?

J-S Lapierre, Cephas Benson and Brian Shannon came back for another visit a few days before the Canada Day Red Bull Manny Mania Finals hosted in front of Top of the World. We hit up a few spots before I left to Israel;

Js, 50-50 pop out

Spectators, they had water guns and weren’t afraid to use them. 

Js, Kickflip front lip as seen in his SBC interview as a still shot by Geoff Clifford. This was insane to see go down, more than once too.