Sam Lind goes to war.

Mitch Barrette has always been on spot missions. Usually uncapping and bondo-ing, but this past August, he hooked up with a few of the homies to build this unique spot.

The base was put down one night,  then the urethane-friendly top layer was done. The crew left the spot for the night, and went back to session it the next day. What they found wasn’t the smooth tranny they were hoping for, the kids from the nearby projects wrote a bunch of shit in the still-soft layer of concrete, making it that much sketchier.

Sam Lind set things off with a front board…

Sam Lind Front Board

…but that wasn’t enough for him, so he decided to start given’r on some front blunts. We ended up getting heckled by a gang of little kids. All of them were appaled at what we were skating, and one kid tried to ride up the wall on his bike nearly headbutting the wall. They were all bikeing around getting in everyones way and a couple of them had some close near-misses with my flashes.

Little G's

This trick turned into a war for little Sam, going back at least 4 different times.

For the first sessions everyone sprinted at their boards like Usain Bolt (9.58s/100m)  in a 100m metre race from the back of the parking lot. In the days later, they had great help from Petes van, getting perfect speed for the wall every time. Unfortunately the Laurentian Bank wasn’t too stoked about the guys getting towed in their parking lot. The cops were called, and having no idea they were coming, we kept skating. Pete was towing that day, and got his second warning for the same towing law. The next day, fellow skate photographer Jordan Langdon decided to get behind the wheel, after Sam had had enough pushing up to it on his own.

"Sam was so tired, we’d already ripped him at it like 40 times. He was over it like 2 or 3 times, but he landed on it a couple times and knew he had it. Just when you figured he’d have no legs left he stomps it clean as can be, after two hours of car tows." - Jordan Langdon.

Here’s what Sam’s board looked like after the land, the board he used for his first photo in SBC.

Sam Lind's Board

Sam was so focused on just making the photo legit, that when no filmer was down-he went for it anyways. This is the cell phone footage from the last session.