This marks the first summer since I was 15 in which I havn’t had a full time job. The past 4 years I have been juggling shooting, and skating, with full time retail work. While it’s nice to have a steady flow of cash throughout the summer, I have really learned to relax over the summer. Though I’m probably just confusing relaxing with being a piece of shit. Will Marshall knows all about that and you should too if you read his latest interview in Concrete 112. I got a taste of the Natural Habitat when I spent a day there shooting the portraits for his interview.

Gonna try and keep it short and sweet;

Just been getting out daily, here are some shots from the day to day.


Brian Shannon came down with some homies from MTL.


Tried to skate the good old bump to barrier, security still isn’t a fan of the car tow. I was at a far enough vantage point (across the street, on a hill. Gotta love the 80-200) that I didn’t get my name taken down.


See Matt’s Youngblood in the newest Concrete Issue. All skateshops have it in stock now so go grab your copy!

Mitch Barrette Ollie

Mitch Barrette warms up with an ollie. Keep your eyes open for the next SBC issue dropping towards the end of the month!


Jon Piekarski has been copping lately, here he is with a buttery front smith 180 out.

Matt Canadien


Who isn’t killing it in Ottawa these days? The young bloods section of the latest Concrete boasts 3 ottawa spots, and two Ottawa skaters back to back. Nothing but stoked for all the homies! The always-on-point Andrew Szeto already picked through the mag an posted up his favorites.


Matt Patafie locks into an early morning front blunt at Parc Lafontaine. I just recently spent a couple days in the awesome city of Montreal to shoot some photos with Patafie.

That last day started with a 9am wake-up, followed by a sketchy free hotel breakfast complete with old hardened danishes and mini-cinnamon buns. They had pitchers of milk with ice cubes in them, and apple juice full of sugar crystals. We resorted to the packaged cereals and muffins, hoping those wouldn’t be expired. Trying to skate downtown in the middle of the day during the week is a definite no no, trying to shoot the photo and asking the mob of business people to stop walking so Matt could ride away was just as important as deking out the security guard by running around the building and hiding a few times.


Cody Anderson gets some.



Aaron Cayer, the man behind Antique skateboards. Follow the company on Twitter, Youtube,  and watch some random iPhone edits from Neil Magadzia. SWAG.


Mitch getting down with the Mystks Crew.