Toronto: Recap

Planning this trip happened pretty darn quickly, shuffling the days of departure around 3 times caused a bit of confusion. I ended up getting a call from Mitch at 11:30pm, saying we needed to leave at 7am the next morning. Having not packed a thing, and feeling a little hazy I got to it. With 5 hours of sleep, and a long rainy drive ahead of us we were on the road by 7:30.


We stopped off at S and J Sales to pick up a few packages and filmed a little line.

When we got into town we were greeted by the wonderful Max Fine, who had lent his living room, and dining room to the group.


We wasted no time in cracking the brews, and heading out on the town partly celebrating for Josh’s first cover. Ending up at a bar, complete with pool tables, many games went down and even a winning bet with a couple chads (ironically wearing DC’s), Josh walked away with $20 and rights to the table for the rest of the night.

The morning after the long night, we ended up at one of many breakfast diners near the crib. Nothing like a late afternoon breakfast to energize the session.

We decided to hit up Dunbat, to warm up the legs and hopefully sweat out some of the toxins we ingested a little too much of the night before. Wobbly legs, and churning stomachs plagued us for the first couple of hours at the park. But spicy beef, and pork burritos was the name of the medicine that got everyone back on their toes. I couldn’t ask for more in a skatepark, nothing more fun and relaxed than a couple ledges and rails with perfect ground for flat.


After what turned out to be a full day at the skatepark, we headed over to The Baitshop to check out the contest DC put on on their newly redesigned miniramp.


With Pabst on heavy flow, things got louder and louder, and people started shredding the crap out of the ramp.  Check out Jordan Moss’s edit from the night to see how hard everyone killed it.

The next day started in the late afternoon, again with diner breakfast. A trend that would continue up until the last morning of the trip.

A couple games of skate broke out on the street next to the first spot of the day.

Max, Mitch

Mitch gets his stretch on.

Joshua Clark

Josh eyeing up the angles.


Mitch “Bondo” Barrette showing us where he got the nickname.



In order to finish up the bondo job, I had to sacrifice my griptape as sandpaper.

Max Fine, 5-0

Max Fine balances out a 5-0 before the bondo job.


A fun 50-50 train wrapped up the session.

Mitch, Josh

Mitch and Josh figuring out what spot to hit next.

On our last day, we decided to check out this spot;


After Mitch got a little beat up by the rail, I took over driving on the way home. Overall a sick trip, can’t wait to get back this summer.