Well it's been a while...

Photoschool was hectic. I made a 98-page on of hardcover book titled PHOTOS OF MY HOMIES, FOR MY HOMIES, IN THE NAME OF SKATEBOARDING. I’m going to try and publish more copies for you all to purchase that doesn’t cost 4 digits to produce. 

Since graduating, I have immersed myself in a couple things to keep me busy.

I currently have some large 30in photographs on display, and for sale, at Top of the World Skateshop (168 Rideau St. in Ottawa). Photos are of Spencer Hamilton, Sam Lind, Mike Fyfe, Mitch Barrette, Matt Patafie and Jay Hyland. 

I just finished a zine, titled The Units: Photographs by Josh Hotz that is available exclusively through Tony Fouhse’s new website, www.straylightpress.com

I guess I havn’t posted here in a really long time, I recently wrote an article for Concrete Skateboarding Magazine from a trip to Miami over the winter. Check it out here. Matt Klein also has a Youngbloods I shot.

Matt Patafie also had a Shazam come out in Color 10.2 Check out the issue here, and pick up a digital copy! There is one Miami photo in the Exposure section that didn’t make it into the article.

Sam Lind got a Lil Shit in Kingshit Magazine. His mom was bummed on my write up.

That’s all I can think of for now, i’m currently looking through all my photos from the beginning of 2011. So depending on how ambitious im feeling you might be able to find some images posted up here soon.

Hopefully this marks the beginning of more frequent posting on here.. sorry for the hiatus! Life doesn’t always mean BLOGGING.