New Issues

In the last stretch of the publishing season for 2013, a few of the last issues of the year have begin hitting the shops. Kingshit, Concrete, and the SBC Photo Annual should now all be available to pick up from local magazine retailers, or skateshops across the country. You shouldn't wait on this either, there is fantastic content from across Canada and beyond, these won't be waiting for you on the shelves - someone is there right now picking one up, or four.. 

Everyone is definitely closing out 2013 with the bang it deserves. I'm pretty happy that a handful of my images were chosen for these final issues of the year. I was pretty caught up working alongside the crew and Jay Burles on the Aspect Ratio video, among a bunch of other stuff. It's nice to see some memories from the 2013 year in print. Thanks to all the editors that put up with my garbage all year long! Now, check out some teasers from the issues. If this doesn't have you running to your local shop to grab a copy, it's time to find a new hobby.

All these beauties are available at skateshops now!

Concrete surprised me with a nice write-up. Contents Photo - Ryan Gosselin, 50-50 by Sam Fidlin. Portrait shot by Mitch Burton. Issue 128

Torey Pudwill gets in tight with the ceiling at the Big-O in Montreal during the DVS Canadian Bacon Tour. Paying a little homage to Tom Penny, I'm lucky he did this more than once, there were a lot of good frames to choose from, but this one took the cake.

The feature I shot of the DVS tour in Concrete. Click the link for the online article and video.

The still of Mitch Barrette's ender finally made it to print in the latest Kingshit. If you haven't already, CLICK THIS and choose the DVD or Download option to get your hands on the 20th Anniversary video that sequels Top Dollar.

Marcus Denis got himself a couple photos while filming for Aspect Ratio. See how fresh the dust from the bubba looks on the ground? There's a story behind this spot, and a reason why you've been seeing it in videos all over the place.

Sam Lind really battled for this one, its in his Aspect Ratio part and if you haven't seen it.. you're missing out.