Today, like every other morning, I reached over for my phone to check my e-mails. I had one from Color Magazine and got stoked thinking they were asking for photos for a new issue which is usually what comes in. As soon as my eyes drifted to the subject, I realized it was a press release announcing the end of the print magazine, haphazardly at their 10-Year Anniversary mark. Feeling pretty bummed, I stayed in bed a while longer thinking about all the great times I had working with the magazine in the past.

Seems like the digital world is taking over slowly but surely. It's just so much more accessible, but not tangible at all. Looking at a photo for 5 seconds, double-tapping, and moving on to the next gives absolutely no justice to the work the artist put in. Sometimes there a subtleties that only come out in a physical, properly sized printed image. Color Magazine has been high in my list of favourite magazines because of the way they considered the fine art world, and aesthetic quality over who is doing what and where. It was a magazine full of strong photography, art and culture, something that isn't exactly replicated in the Canadian market. I'll definitely miss the way Sandro Grison, and ex-photo editor Gordon Nicholas curated those pages. Hopefully the appreciation for this kind of work doesn't go anywhere, and Fourcorners publishing continues to give us an avenue to show and spread this quality of photography that seems to be declining in appreciation. 

Thanks for all the support Guys, I can't wait to see what's up your sleeves in the New Year!

Some of my favourite photos have ended up in their pages, take a look at what Color was kind enough to print from me on their pages. 

 Click the image below for more information on my skateboard typology.