Website Update

Since a few photos have come out in the mags lately, I have the liberty to put up some new images. Check out the 1:1 Analog section for a new photo of Marcus Denis, from his Lil Shits in Kingshit Magazine, and a couple of photos of Luis Tolentino while I was on tour with the DVS team. Concrete Skateboarding Magazine printed the article from the trip which is now online on their website along with the video created by Dane Collison and Ryan Dearth of Supra Distribution and DVS, so go check it out! 

Also updated are the Commercial and 3:2 Digital sections, with new photos of Sam Lind, Mitch Barrette and Chico Brenes from my time on the DVS Canadian Bacon Tour. The Commercial page was updated with a new ad for DVS Shoes of Torey Pudwill skating the Big-O In Montreal, so go have a look! 

I have also added all my recent feature spreads to their respective sections. 

As I continue to post content on the blog, please feel free to leave some comments or suggestions in the box below! I want to know what you want to see!

Paul went and found a super janky folding sign and just propped it up with nothing else holding it in place. I was waiting for it to collapse under him, but that never happened and he was able to get this kick flip fake. Go grab the new Issue 128 of Concrete to see it in all its printed glory. 

This spot in Ottawa has always been an instant bust. Luis had no problem shutting down the bummed pedestrians, and quickly figured out how to skate this narrow spot, dodging poles and putting down this Nosegrind.